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Unable to remove CAS server from organisation

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  • Unable to remove CAS server from organisation

    Hi, I've got an issue with an Exchange 2010 / Server 2008 R2 environment. I'm running 2 x Mailbox servers using DAG, I was initially using 1 x server running CAS & Hub roles. I've since setup two new servers running load balancing and CAS & HUB roles. External OWA & internal autodiscover. & mail. DNS references all point to this load balanced IP address.

    My problem comes when I try to uninstall exchange and remove the original Hub / CAS server: My Outlook clients all refuse to 'connect' to the two remaining CAS servers. Using 'Connection Status' option in Outlook shows it is still trying to connect to old server. Looking at results the autodiscover.xml file is still referencing the old CAS server as well.

    If I reinstall Exchange CAS role on old server (or any other server and give it the same server name) Outlook connects again fine. Its really annoying!

    I've tried all manner of ways of fixing this including removing and re-creating the virtual directories in IIS etc.

    Any help or pointers gratefully received!