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  • Recurring calender

    Exchange 2007 SP2 on Server 2008
    Outlook 2003 on client via TS on Server 2003 Standard R2 Standard

    We have a problem slowing showing up. Some of our users are reporting a problem where a reoccuring appointment in there calendar has gone corrupted. When the appointment is clicked on a messages pops up "Cannot read an instance of this recurring appointment. Close any open appointments and try again or recreate appointment" You must close outlook and reopen it to get rid of this message attached.

    I've read about this elsewhere and it seems that turning 'cached exchange mode' on solves the issue. But that aint possible for TS users, so we're still stuck.
    Can anyone help please?

    Many thanks
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    Re: Recurring calender

    I cant say I have had the same issue you have had with TS and Exchange 2k7, but I know that having the latest SP for Office greatly improves performance while in Outlook AND when connected to Exchange. Also, does Outlook have any Add-in modules that integrate with calendar functions?