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Deleting accounts from Exchange 2007

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  • Deleting accounts from Exchange 2007

    I have 200 accounts to delete from our Exchange 2007 server. Now many of these have been delegate users of up to 30 accounts, with either send as or send on behalf of permissions.

    Is there an easy way of deleting these accounts? Its my understanding that you have to remove their delegate permissions, and send on behalf of permissions before deleting their accounts. otherwise exchange 2007 generates NDR.

    Is this the case? Surely i'm missing something???

    Tks in advance

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    Re: Deleting accounts from Exchange 2007

    The NDR you are talking about is the one where the delegate is set inside the mailbox.
    Unfortunately I am not aware of a way to remove those delegates from the mailboxes from the server.

    If you are removing both accounts (the account which has the delegate on it) then it will not be a problem.

    You do not have to remove the Send as or Send on Behalf permission as those are domain permissions and will be gone when the account is removed.

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