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Exchange 2007 & Hyper-v Transport Problem

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  • Exchange 2007 & Hyper-v Transport Problem

    Hi to all.
    I'm Alex, I'm MCSE and I own a company that give system admin support to customers. Recently I've a big problem on an exchange 2007 and I'm not able to solve by myself. I've tried quite all. I need expert help.
    The situation is this. Domain controller 2008 srv x64, with hyper-v.
    Exchange 2007 on virtual machine on the same server with dedicated network card and another 2008 srv as sysop. All works fine, domain join, exchange installation, sp2 installation. After reboot I configure a smtp connetor for going out using smarthost, i set my mailbox. And..the transport service at the sending of the first 2-3 messages stops to go. And never restart! Stay started for 3-5 seconds and stops by itself. I've tried to reinstall the whole situation. Same behaviour. Any ideas? I've noticed that is dipendent from AD Topology..maybe a dns problem with the DC? I've tried also to pur DC name in host file...if someone can help..thank you boys..i MUST use exchange virtualized...
    A desperate MCSE.

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    Re: Exchange 2007 & Hyper-v Transport Problem

    Can you explain what systems you have. GCs, FSMO role placement, DNS server placement etc., whether this has ever worked, is the machine that has Hyper-V only used for VMs or does it have other roles as well?

    Also, can you give us an idea of Exchange 2007 roles and their placement. Sounds as if they are in the same VM though but if you can confirm this. Also, was it a transition to Exchange 2007 or was it built from scratch?