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transitioning from 2003 to 2007 admin type questions

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  • transitioning from 2003 to 2007 admin type questions


    Over the summer we transitioned from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 and while its really impressive do other users feel like its not as polished as Exchange 2003 was? I thought 2003 was a great product personally. It would be good to hear other peoples view about this.

    Ok I have a few questions about some of the changes and new features and I hope someone can help or answer some of the questions I have.

    1 . All of our users and public folders moved over from 2003, we now have put our students on our Frog VLE email system (they used to be in exchange) and in the 2007 management console. It identifies any exch2003 mailboxes as 'legacy mailbox'. If I wanted to remove their mailbox but not delete the user from AD, do I just click on disable and Exchange will do the rest? Am I right in saying it will keep them as a AD user but remove their mailbox and mark it for deletion? and if i click remove it deletes the users mailbox and there AD account? Also if I want to remove mail contacts but not delete the actual AD user, do I just disable the mail user?

    2. I noticed all the distribution groups that we created in 2003 appear in the 2007 console as 'mail non-universal group' when I right click on the group it gives me the option to convert them into a universal group. Do I want to do this? at the moment they seem greyed out which makes me think that any fancy feautures to do with DG wont work until i convert them, is this correct?

    3. Our public folders from 2003 have moved over. If I wanted to give permissions for a user to make changes in 2003 I would have gone to either Microsoft outlook and right click the PF and give them permissions or use 2003 system manager. If I try to do this in outlook, all the options are greyed out, does anyone know how I can add/remove user/group permissions for public folders? I can see users who are members of the public folder but cannot alter.

    4. I cant seem to amend public folders created in 2003. Says something about unable to edit the specified address list. Address list created with legacy versions of exchange must be upgraded using the ‘force upgrade’ parameter of ‘set-addresslist cmdlet’. Do I just do this and hope it works?

    5. I hear using Powershell I could specifiy some dates and run a script which could potentially delete old legacy emails from a users inbox, is this true? does anyone know of a powershell script that can do this? I want to be able to run a command to say go into a groups mailbox (either via OU or AD group) and delete emails that are older than August 2007 for example.

    6. I am a bit confused about what Outlook Anywhere does. We use mainly OWA for all users internally and externally, some staff use outlook client in school. Am I right in saying that OA allows a user to use outlook client from home and it synchronises their emails onto their home computer, similar to how POP/IMAP accounts work or have I got it completely wrong?

    7. I am getting a few errors when going into server configuration, client access and clicking on OWA default web site and other. I get similar messages when going to Server configuration, hub transport. Something about invalid data. Does anyone know how I could fix this?

    Any help on any of the pointers would be greatly appreciated.