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exchange in 1 AD domain and 2 sites

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  • exchange in 1 AD domain and 2 sites


    Our company is going to open a new branch office which will be connected to the main office by a 54Mbps dedicated link. 100 - 150 users of the main office are going to be working there. I'm want to create a new site (already there's 1 domain and 1 site) for there, install a DC, make it global catalog, with their own IP subnet.

    about the exchange configuration, I'm actually not certain what to do. Is it possible to install another exchange server within the same exchange organization as the main office exchange, for the new site, and move the users' mailboxes to the new mail server? Are the two exchange servers able to commuinicate well in this way?

    thank you..

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    Re: exchange in 1 AD domain and 2 sites

    Yes, you can. I depends on the level of redundancy you require and SLA but I would be tempted to place all roles on the same box at the branch office. Exchange uses AD sites by default for determining routing, though it is possible to set Exchange ones.

    Make sure you configure AD Sites and Services correctly.