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Importing from PST?

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  • Importing from PST?

    One of our upcoming projects for a client is to migrate their existing mailmarshal, pop3/smtp service to an exchange service, and 2010 has been identified, based on their general system life cycle of 5+ years.

    However - one of the big thinking blocks I'm hitting so far, is this:
    There are 150 users, spread across the eastern seaboard. all of who have PST files. Many of who would have on idea about them, or where to find them. Most of which are probbably hidden under 14 layers of C:\documents and settings\application data\local settings\system data\application data\microsoft\application data\ etc.

    There is 1 IT guy who looks after the whole enterprise.

    They will obviously want all their email available....
    So the question is: how do we, on a bulk scale, get all the email imported from the PST files onto the Exchange system ?

    Or do we even bother ?

    We could write a script, which will trawl the XP machines looking for PST files, move them all to a more logical location (say, C:\userdata\) and then provide instruction on how to reconnect them.
    This will result in huge numbers of assistance requests.

    We can simply run both systems side by side for a month, and provide assistanec on how to copy mail UP to the exchange server. Although some of them are guaranteed to do it the wrong way.

    So.. suggestions anyone ?
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    Re: Importing from PST?

    You're not going to get that many users moved in a weekend, so I would be looking to run both systems together for as long as it takes, moving a certain number of users over to Exchange each night out of hours. When I say moving, I mean getting them onto Exchange and uploading all of their existing data. Once Exchange is setup, is that something that their IT person would be able to do?
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      Re: Importing from PST?

      You should be able to use Exmerge to import the pst files into the mailboxes.


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        Re: Importing from PST?

        and then we need to find the PST files to use ExMerge..

        thanks guys.. still thiniking ..
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          Re: Importing from PST?

          Right. I'm assuming you're going to have to do some leg work to get them. Once you do get them it should be fairly straight forward to get them imported.


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            Re: Importing from PST?

            I'm thinking this is going to be an uncomfortable amount of manual labor. Also something to think about: programmatically trolling for .pst files will probably come up with extraneous pst files that are not work related. I'm sure there is a percentage of users out there that have half a clue about Outlook and use pst archiving or separate datafiles for different accounts or even have backed up .psts from who-knows-where laying around. There could be a small bit of confusion over that. Sorry... didn't mean to make your burden heavier.

            Also, make sure the script works for all the OSs that are out there and takes into account the different folder structure of XP vs Vista vs whatever else they may have (NT3.51!! ). Also take into account elevated privileges that would be needed to scan folders and copy files. And then there's any legal liability for information privacy if you work for a place that is heavy on those things.

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              Re: Importing from PST?

              i'm going to make the collection and importation of data the client's responsibility i think..
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