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Exchange data changing rapidly

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  • Exchange data changing rapidly

    Hi, I have an Exchange 2007 Enterprise server. It hosts all 3 roles and is almost fully patched. It is for a 7 person company and the mail database is about 20GB. It is running on a VMware ESX 3.4 U4 environment and is sitting on a LeftHand iSCSI SAN. We vault our data online nightly using incremental backups. Every night the vaulting software determines that the data has changed to much to do an incremental backup, so it backs up the entire store. Additionally, we are doing SAN to SAN replication and that is seeing about 1GB of changed data every hour. I know that there is no way we have this much mail, and the logs are only about 15MB an hour. Am I missing something? The event logs are clean, the best practices analyzer is happy.. any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Re: Exchange data changing rapidly

    The only valid way to backup Exchange is with an Exchange aware backup application.
    The database can change in many ways, not just with new content. Changes to items, calendar, contacts, data being moved etc.

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      Re: Exchange data changing rapidly

      We had something similar happen this week... to the point that it completely filled our storage drive over the course of 2 days. I ended up enabling circular logging, and moved 1/4 of the mailboxes to a new database. I also extended the database maintenance window, and killed volume shadow copy for our storage drive.

      After all of that, the data increase normalized, and I was able to disable circular logging.


      Exchange 2007 running on 2003 Enterprise