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Outlook 2007 new profile errors

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  • Outlook 2007 new profile errors

    I have Exchange 2007 SP1 RU9 on Windows 2008 in a mixed environment (we have also Exchange 2003).
    My Outlook works fine. If I look at Connection Status I see TCP/IP connections to the mailbox server and the GC. If I try to create a new profile on the same computer for the same user:
    1. If I choose the wizard it will connect, but it will use HTTPS connections. If I remove the proxy in settings it doesn't connect.
    2. If I choose Manual, when I put the mailbox server and try to Check Name it takes a long time and it fails. If I put the GC or the 2003 mailserver it will resolve the name and replace the server with the correct one - 2007, but Outlook will not connect after that.
    I also tested on another workstations with the same user and another user and I get the same result.
    I would appreciate any insight.