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Remove 2003 management tools from child domain in 2007 organization

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  • Remove 2003 management tools from child domain in 2007 organization

    I appologize in advance if this has been answered somewhere else, but my searches seem to come up with too many results to find the info I'm really looking for. I also hope I'm posting this is the right forum, since it kinda applies to both 2003 and 2007

    Here's the situation: Successfully migrated from exchange 2003 to 2007 in a forest with a parent and child domain (mailbox server in parent domain housing mailboxes for both domains). The child domain had exchange "installed" for the sake of the original domainprep on the child domain as well as for the management tools.

    The goal: We'd like to uninstall the management tools from the server in the child domain.

    The problem: In the exchange 2003 uninstaller, it won't allow us to uninstall _just_ the management tools without selecting 'remove' on the 'Microsoft Exchange' component. Of course, selecting 'remove' on that component throws an error about how forest prep cannot be assigned the action "Remove" probably due to security rights (logged in as a domain admin of the child domain -- no rights to administer the forest schema).

    Of couse, I'm wary of logging in as a schema admin that could allow the 2003 uninstaller to remove schema changes made/changed by the 2007 domainprep.

    Anybody have any thoughts or comforts?

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    Re: Remove 2003 management tools from child domain in 2007 organisation

    Exchange uninstall does not remove the schema changes. Therefore your fears are unfounded.
    All schema changes do is increase the fields that are available for Exchange to use.
    The only way you will be able to remove the tools is by logging in with a higher account that has permissions at the org level so that the tools can be removed correctly.

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