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How do I revert back to Exchange 2003 after failed 2007 upgrade

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  • How do I revert back to Exchange 2003 after failed 2007 upgrade


    I am in the process of installing Exchange 2007 sp1 on a new server into a domain that is already running Exchange 2003 that is running on older equipment. The installation process went OK, but during the reboot process an event gets recorded of Source: MSExchangeADAxcess and Event ID: 2104. I have looked this up and basically the new server cannot find any domain controllers, so with this a whole slew of other things fail. I believe this to be a DNS issue.

    I have not moved anything, mailboxes, public folders, and everything are still on the old Exchange server. Problem is, I can still receive email, but cannot send email. The install process placed the routing connectors to connect the 2 exchange boxes, so I am guessing that when somone sends an email from the old Exchange that it is getting routed to the new Exchange and getting stuck there.

    At this time, I do not want to fix the problem, I'll have to attempt it again on another weekend. So this is my questions:

    To get exchange 2003 to send email directly out to the internet, is there a way to disable or delete the connector from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007? I went in to the Exchange 2003 ESM, but it says to use the Exchange 2007 console to make changes. I can not find the routing connectors in Exchange 2007 to save my life...

    If I delete this connector, is there a way to reestablish it so I can resume my troubleshooting in the future?

    Would it be easier just to uninstall Exchange 2007? Will this remove the connectors and put Exchange 2003 back in control? I would like this option best if it is possible because it will allow me to disjoin and rejoin the computer from the domain to see if that helps with the original problem.

    This exchange server serves a small school (75 users) and email is the main communication w/ parents, so I would like to put it back to 2003 until another long holiday weekend to attempt to fix or reinstall.

    Any suggestions???


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    Re: How do I revert back to Exchange 2003 after failed 2007 upgrade

    Hopefully you have resolved this.
    If you did not have an SMTP Connector in place, then Exchange 2007 creates Send Connectors. These are seen by Exchange 2003 as SMTP connectors it cannot modify. Therefore if you create an SMTP connector in Exchange 2003 ESM, email should flow.

    The routing group connectors can be easily recreated, so if you remove them then putting them back isn't a problem. It has to be done from Exchange 2007 though.

    Finally, you cannot just wipe the machine. There are no manual removal instructions for Exchange 2007 - the only supported way to remove it is via add/remove programs.

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