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exchange tabs in AD users and computers missing.

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  • exchange tabs in AD users and computers missing.

    Hi All

    I was under the impression that with Exchange 2007 it would be similar to 2003 then when installed it would change the schema to add further tabs in AD users and computers, so when we want to create a new user, we can also create the mailbox.

    Issue I have is both on the new exchange 2007 server and my desktop in the office which has exchange management tools installed. I cant see any tabs which would allow me to create a mailbox in 2007 whilst creating a new AD account.

    Am I missing something here. Is there some tool I need to install on the server or client for me to able to manage mailboxes in AD?

    I did a quick search and found articles which do it in powershell, surely there must be a way in AD to do this?


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    Re: exchange tabs in AD users and computers missing.

    Exchange 2007 doesnt work that way -- you need to use the Exchange Management Console which will let you create new users as well as work with their mailboxes

    Just run Exchange 2007 setup on your client computer and select "management tools" (or whatever it is called -- there is a 32-bit version you can download if you need to
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