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  • Unable to "send as"

    I've been looking all over the web to solve a problem I am having with a particular mailbox.

    We have a number of mailboxes that are shared between users. These are for our simple generic emails (e.g. [email protected]).

    For some reason I cannot give one of my users the ability to "send as" one of these email addresses. This works for other email addresses.

    I can send as that mailbox but then I am the exchange admin.

    I've granted this user full access AND send as privs on this particular mailbox and it still doesn't work.

    Has anyone else had this problem and can you suggest a solution?

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    Re: Unable to "send as"

    Send an email to the mailbox and get the user to reply to it and let is know what happens. Also, have you tested them doing 'send as' for other mailboxes? Are the mailboxes added via Outlook to their current Outlook profile?


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      Re: Unable to "send as"

      Hello Virtual,

      The answer to your all of your questions is "YES".

      The error message that's coming is that the user doesn't have the Send As privs even though they do...


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        Re: Unable to "send as"

        Are you sure the permissions are still there? Certain users the permissions get removed automatically.
        Furthermore Exchange caches permissions, so a permission change is not live. It can take two hours to take effect.

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          Re: Unable to "send as"

          Users inherit permissions of the most restrictive security group/list/etc. Could the sender be part of a group that does not have access to "send as". Create a copy of the senders account to test out the permissions


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            Re: Unable to "send as"

            Sembee has it right (as usual). I think It was the the delay that caused the problem. I find it strange as other changes to permission levels seem to have taken without delay... In any case this is now resolved. Kudos to Sembee.