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Exchange 2007 /clearlocalcms switch

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  • Exchange 2007 /clearlocalcms switch

    Hello Folks...

    We are designing a DR site and will use an Exchange 2007 single node SCC configuration with SCR utilized on the node. I have everything worked out for the most part but on our production 2 node SCC I use Sophos Puremessage which creates it's own resources in the Exchange Cluster Group.

    Per Microsofts article:

    It states that prior to failing back to the primary site....

    "On the node that currently owns the resource group containing the clustered mailbox server, an administrator must clear the clustered mailbox server and its resources from the failover cluster. To do this, the administrator first removes any non-Exchange resources from the cluster group containing the clustered mailbox server. Then, the administrator runs the following command on NODEA: /clearlocalcms /cmsnamexxxxxx

    "NON-EXCHANGE Resources” would be the resources installed by Puremessage during initial installation….

    I am basically asking how do these resources get recreated if the /clearlocalcms wipes the Exchange Cluster group configuration out? Is it recreated from local disk, active directory, etc?

    Am I reading into this as I've posted this on other forums and have yet to really get any replies....I'm sure other admins have "non-exchange" resources such as resources placed there by their mail hygiene spam/av products...(??????)....
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