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Need help determing good robust setup?!

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  • Need help determing good robust setup?!

    Hello all,

    We want to move to Exchange 2007 in a few months. Currently we are running a postfix server as primary mail server.
    Needless to say that shared calendars and so are not possible Exchange and Groupwise where the two system we looked into. Groupwise because we are running a Novell core here.
    (There will be an active synchronization between Novell e-Dir and MS AD installed by one of our partners)

    Our environment is not that big: 850 users with an average mail traffic generated by them.

    While reading and investigating the ideal setup a lot of scenarios passed the revue.
    The one included here:
    is the one I tend to find the most robust for our environment.

    Since we are using VMWare on our IBM bladecenter and a Netapp SAN connected to it, my opinion was that some of the roles could be running in a VM.
    Of course are the mailbox server physical ones. Only the config of these is not really clear to me.

    Any thoughts and recommendations are very much appreciated!

    Thnx already in advance!