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Same old OOF problem

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  • Same old OOF problem

    We are having the same old problem with OOF not working through Outlook 2007. I have tried just about everything on the net. I don't have any experience in certification or Autodiscovery. I may be missing something on the certificate but I would not know what to look for. I have been trying to resolve this for the last 3 months and getting nowhere. The fix of using OWA just won't wash with our user base and so I require a proper fix for this.

    The error states that the server is unavailable, I have tried the .Net fix, creating a new certificate, changing permissions on Autodiscover and EWS directories. created a new DNS record to point towards my exchnage server, but nothing seems to work.

    I ran the Test Email AutoConfig and everything passes fine. I am lost and I know it has something to do with certificates and autodiscovery but I need someone to spell it out to me in easy to understand terms.



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    Re: Same old OOF problem

    Do you have a commercial SSL certificate on the server?
    If not, then that needs to be changed first, with the required names on it. If you have been trying to get the self generated certificate to work, then you were wasting your time. That should be considered a place holder at best.

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