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  • bad delegate issue

    I'm having a devil of a time with an issue here.

    We are on Exchange 07 (upgraded from 03) on a Server 2008 server. We have an issue with a bad delegate. For instance, at one time we had a user (Mary) that was set as a delegate for another user (Bob). Mary left the company and her account was deleted, but not before the user removed her as a delegate in Outlook. But now meeting requests sent to Bob are still being forwarded in Mary. I've fixed this issue in 2003 prior to the upgrade, but can't seem to find the fix in 07. The user (Mary) is showing as being in the First Administration Group, which no longer "exists" in 07, so I can't parse out the account.

    Is there a command I can use in the management shell to remove the delegate attribute from "Bob"'s account?

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    Re: bad delegate issue

    You can use the tool mfcmapi to delete the inappropriate delegation from the mailbox. There should be plenty of guides if you search the web for mfcmapi and delegation.