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  • Do not reply address

    In Exch 2007, is there a way to set up a DO NOT REPLY e-mail address?

    We use NetSupport for our helpdesk. We set up an e-mail account ([email protected]) for our users to request assistance. The problem is when we close out a ticket it generates an e-mail to the user stating so BUT users continue to reply to [email protected] and that generates a new ticket. Even though we placed a statement in the closed out ticket not to reply to this address since it will generate a new ticket, users continue to do so.

    Any assistance is helpful, thanks.

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    Re: Do not reply address

    Presumably the software you're using will let you specify a different email address to use when it sends mail to users then?

    What you could do is configure automatic deletion on that mailbox, so that any mail that does land in there will be deleted automatically after some length of time. You could also configure the mailbox to automatically respond to emails with "this is unmonitored, contact the help desk" etc
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      Re: Do not reply address

      A distribution group with no members is an effective blackhole. If the software you are using can send email from the SMTP address that the is on the distribution group then that would resolve the problem.

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