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Get-mailboxfolderstatistics and hidden messagaes

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  • Get-mailboxfolderstatistics and hidden messagaes

    Hi all -

    I have been tasked with figuring out how many messages people have in their inbox - simple enough using the following:

    get-mailbox | Get-MailboxFolderStatistics | where {$_.Name -eq "Inbox"} | ft identity,itemsinfolder -autosize

    my problem comes in when I actually look at the numbers it's producing - for mine it's about 20 high - not so bad - I have one exec that has about 50 messages in their inbox when we look, but when I run this command it shows 2800 - just a little off.

    So here's the question - is there a way to list specifically the hidden messages in the folder? (I realize the hidden messages are deleted messages and application specific messages) but they are really throwing the counts off and it would be great if there was a way to list them separately so that we know the numbers we are really dealing with.

    I appreciate your input.

    thank you


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    Re: Get-mailboxfolderstatistics and hidden messagaes

    Does the exec use subfolders?
    (just a wild thought that it reports a recursive count of folder & all subfolders)
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      Re: Get-mailboxfolderstatistics and hidden messagaes

      Yes as do all of us do actually - I have run the report on all mailboxes (including all sub folders) and the numbers don't add up - they are still high.

      I know that microsoft had this little note on their information for the command:

      A mailbox can have hidden items that are never visible to the user and that are only used by applications. The Get-MailboxFolderStatistics cmdlet can return hidden items for the following values: FolderSize, FolderAndSubfolderSize, ItemsInFolder, and ItemsInFolderAndSubfolders.

      Anybody have any ideas on how to make it work?