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how to open open relay

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  • how to open open relay

    Which configurations are required to make our Exchange Server 2007 as a source of open relay ?

    I know open relay is not acceptable at all..I want to take it as a precaution measure so that that configuration can never be done on our Exchange Server ?

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    Re: how to open open relay

    I think I might be a little confused, but are you asking what is necessary to create an open relay so that you can prevent anyone from ever making it an open relay?

    If that is the case, then you need to look at the receive connectors in the Exchange Management Console under Server Configuration -> Hub Transport.

    I haven't done this with external clients, but the steps listed here were quite helpful in setting up an internal open relay:

    The concept is roughly the same, except instead of only accepting messages from internal clients, you accept them from all clients.

    By default Exchange isn't an open relay, so to make it an open relay, you need to add a receive connector that allows relay. You can go about this by creating a new connector, setting it to accept messages from all remote servers (all IP addresses), choosing TLS and Externally Secured authentication options, and assigning the Exchange servers permission group.

    This essentially tells Exchange that any client with the listed IP address is a trusted computer and Exchange should forward the messages.

    As I said, I've never tested this with external computers, but it does work with internal systems. I hope that is at least a jumping off point.

    And sorry if I totally misunderstood your question!