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Install Exchange2007 on a DC?

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  • Install Exchange2007 on a DC?

    Hi all,
    I want to test some things in Exchange 2007, nothing advanced. Does somebody know if i coul install a server 2008 as a dc, and then install Exchange 2007 on same maschine? Would it work?

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    Re: Install Exchange2007 on a DC?

    It would work - that's (sort of) what SBS is. Whether it's a good idea or not is a different matter. If this is purely for trying something out, then it shouldn't cause any problems. If this is to become a production environment, then I would strongly recommend against it.

    Maybe Google could have answered your question?
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      Re: Install Exchange2007 on a DC?

      Thanks for your information. I have now installed Exchange on this dc and it almost went fine. I got a error about hub transport role. But this was because i removed ipv6 when i installed the server. So i checked this in network settings and did a install again (installed hub trp role). So now it works.