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Importing Mass PST files into Exch 07

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  • Importing Mass PST files into Exch 07

    Hello all
    I have an upcoming task and I am looking for some advise. Here's the scenario:

    I am getting around 500 pst files from the admins at a recently acquired company.
    The PSTs are coming in the format of usernames ( not aliases) ie, U012345.pst. Thier usernames are the same as our usernames.

    Some of these PSTs are quite large. 2 gigs plus is not unusual.

    I am needing to import these into Exch 07 as fast as possible, preferably with a multi-threaded tool like Exmerge, which I am to understand doesn't work with 03 to 07 mailbox moves.

    Any advise on possible solutions is appreciated.

    thanks much.

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    Re: Importing Mass PST files into Exch 07

    Research Exchange 2007 Power Shell. There is a command that allows you to import PSTs using that tool.


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      Re: Importing Mass PST files into Exch 07

      I am aware of the importmailbox command in powershell, and have used it before, but is has some limitations I was hoping to overcome. For one its not multi-threaded like exmerge. So it only imports one mailbox at a time - which would be way too time consuming.

      I'll keep digging around and see what i can find. Surely someone has needed to do something similar already ...


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        Re: Importing Mass PST files into Exch 07

        Your probably right. Hopefully, someone will post over the weekend.


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          Re: Importing Mass PST files into Exch 07

          If the PST files are over 2gb then exmerge will not be able to touch them. Exmerge does work with Exchange 2007, if you have a system with Exchange 2003 tools on it.

          The only other way to import would be to do it through Outlook for each user or multiple machines with the Exchange management tools installed. I am not aware of anything else, because everyone got used to exmerge. The issues with the import-mailbox commandlet have been passed to Microsoft - I can assure you of that.

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