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Preparing the Active Directory

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  • Preparing the Active Directory

    Hi all,

    i am installing exchange 2007 in existing exchange 2003 organisation i like to know from where should i prepare active directory

    where should i run and where is the location for folder /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions

    thank you

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    Re: Preparing the Active Directory

    You ideally should run it on the DC with the Schema Master role. Have you just got the 1 domain? If so, when I carried out my transition from Exchange 2k3 to 2k7, I let the Exchange installation disk carry out the AD Prep during setup.
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      Re: Preparing the Active Directory

      You can just run the setup process to prepare AD and modify the schema, this will also take care of /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions if you have any legacy exchange servers in the organisation.

      If you have multiple AD domains you can run /prepareAD in the same site as schema master and then /preparealldomains.