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  • relay in exchange 2k7

    How can we grant permission to relay from our Exchange server 2007 to a specific computer on our local network ???

    In Exch 2k3, we could do this from SMTP properties > Relay > and enter the addresses from where we want to allow relay...

    How to do the same from Exch-2k7 having single server model...No edge transport server

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    Re: relay in exchange 2k7

    I think you can create a send connector and configure a Smarthost on it as the IP of the other server. You can then configure whether all traffic goes to there or just certain domains and then adjust the cost of the Send connector accordingly.


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      Re: relay in exchange 2k7

      But how can I specify that only a specific computer in my network can relay ?


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        Re: relay in exchange 2k7

        Open the Exchange Management console.

        Expand 'Server Configuration'.

        Click on Hub Transport node in the left hand side.

        Go to the Properties of the Default Receive Conector (or connector you are using)

        You may have to check the Anonymous users box under the Permission Groups tab.

        Under the Network tab, there is a section that allows you to add the remote servers to accept emails from.
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          Re: relay in exchange 2k7

          To enable anonymous relay on you internal network you will need to do the following

          Open EMC
          Got to Server config -> Hub Transport
          Create a new Connector
          Name it Internal Relay
          Type – Custom
          On the Local Network settings delete the entry then click add
          Add the Exchange server IP
          On Remote Network settings type in the IP’s that need to relay
          Click Next
          Click New
          Go to the properties for the new connector
          Click Authentication tab
          Tick Externally Secured
          Permissions Groups tab
          Tick Exchange Server

          DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR DEFAULT RECEIVE CONNECTOR - doing this will make you an open relay for spammers
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            Re: relay in exchange 2k7

            Is default SMTP receive connectors configuration is sufficient to receive emails from Internet ?

            I read some where that we have to click on the Anonymous Users in the Permissions tab of default SMTP receive connectors (both) to receive emails from Internet...

            Please tell me the actual permissions required on default SMTP receive connectors so that we can receive emails from Internet .

            Which configuration (permission)is more risky which will allow for open relay under default SMTP receive connectors ?

            Is it true ?
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              Re: relay in exchange 2k7

              By default it won't be able to receive emails from the internet. This is as the preferred and recommended way is to implement an Edge Transport server to receive emails from the internet. If you want to receive emails on the default receive connector on the Hub Transport server, check the anonymous box. It needs to be anonymous to allow other SMTP servers to connect to it.