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Help with BE 12 for Exchange 2007

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  • Help with BE 12 for Exchange 2007

    I have created a backup for our exchange server. I have reviewed the Symantec website and as far as I can make out I have setup the backup appropriately.

    However I just did my Full backup and the file is about 1 GB and when I look at my First Storage area, it is 41 GB. Something must be wrong or is that what it's suppose to be like. I have some screen shots, please let me know if anything else is needed.

    Exchange 2007 - Server 2008 64-bit (virtual machine)

    Backup Exec 12 - Server 2003 R2 (Physical machine)

    I have a Doc with screen shots and some explanation.

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    Re: Help with BE 12 for Exchange 2007

    You're backing up Exchange incorrectly. Here are a couple of pointers:

    1. It doesn't look like you have the BE Exchange Agent installed on the backup server. You need this to correctly backup Exchange.

    2. When backing up Exchange (with the BE Exchange Agent) the Exchange storage groups should be visible and selected in your backup selection list. It's not in yours.

    3. BackupExec has a default file exclusion feature (for Exchange, SQL, AD, etc.) that will exlude the actual Exchange database physical files from the backup when the folders that contain the files are included in the backup selection list. This is why your backup is so small. The actual Exchange database files (.edb) are not being backed up.

    My advice would be to read the BackupExec Administrator's guide or contace BE support to learn how to backup Exchange correctly.


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      Re: Help with BE 12 for Exchange 2007

      Thanks for the help, I have download the 12d admin guide and have reset the backup. I just wish there could be a standard method that could be explained. I just want to be able to do one full backup a week and then the incremental. I have my exchange server on one vm and then my BE running on my physical server where my backup is stored on a disk. I would think this would be a very standard method of backup, but still the admin guide just takes you from place to place and it just seems that there could be a section for standard best practices based on desire which is to be able to restore an individuals email incase of accidental deletion or lost server.

      I'll report back my findings after I have done further testing.



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        Re: Help with BE 12 for Exchange 2007

        Because there are different options and agents available (Exchange, SQL, Oracle, etc.) there isn't one "standard" backup method that applies to all scenarios. The Admin guide includes sections and instructions that are specific to each agent and option that details the methods and recommendations regarding those agents and options.

        My recommendation would be for you to read the Symantec Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server section of the Admin guide.


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          Re: Help with BE 12 for Exchange 2007

          Trust me, I understand all the different ways one can setup their organization. However, I think if you had a poll of what the most used method to store your Exchange data and the most used Backup tool, you could have a basic page in the admin guide for that purpose, especial from Symantec. I have read a lot of post and I mentioned to a few backup guru's and I usually hear the same thing: Symantec is really bad but they are the best option out there now. True or not, I just wish it did not have to be a question of reading over scenario after scenario. But that is what I must do, I'll do it and report back what I find.

          Thanks for the help, just venting a bit, but I know it's part of the job.


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            Re: Help with BE 12 for Exchange 2007

            I hear you. Since Veritas BE was purchased by Symantec several years ago it has seemed a little more flaky. I've been using BE since version 8 and the last several versions have seemed to have more issues.

            I have read the Admin Guide in it's entirety and it does help in gaining a deeper understanding of the product.

            Good luck and post your progress with it back here.


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              Re: Help with BE 12 for Exchange 2007

              WOW!!!! Well after a lot of reading and some time with Symantec support I think I have the backups setup correctly.

              So my initial request was to do a Full backup of Exchange with daily incrementals.

              First I must mention that you need to have the Backup Exec Exchange Agent for your server then the following steps below should work.

              First I created my jobs for the Full and then the incremental.

              For both the Full and incremental I did not do anything special. I selected for the Source - Exchange01 > Microsoft Information Store. And then depending on the Full or incremental, you make the appropriate selection for both the General and Microsoft exchange settings.

              Then I placed both those jobs on hold under the job monitor and then went to New > Policy and created my policy with both of my Exchange jobs I had created.

              The key is to have the full and incremental as a policy.

              I had done most of the prep work from a link on symantec

              I hope this helps, this should be good to get you a backup of exchange for most standard setups.


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                Re: Help with BE 12 for Exchange 2007

                Glad you got it worked out.