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Exchange 2007 With Exchange 2003

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  • Exchange 2007 With Exchange 2003

    hi all
    i setup Exchange 2007 with exchange 2003 server and the setup was good
    i have Routing Group Connector betwen the two exchange
    the SMTP connector is on the exchange 2003 server
    the problem is
    when user that have mailbox on the new server and send mail to the old mailbox server it come fine but when send it back it stuck on queue and get froze and not arrive to the new mailbox server
    what should i do to fix it
    i check the Receive and seem ok

    Thank for the help

    i have two SMTP SMART HOST on the old Exchange 2003 server i can see them on the new exchange server 2007
    do i need to remove them and make new one on the new exchange server (Remove from the old and Add in the new on)
    if i have two i will remove one of them and try with only one and see what hapen
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    Re: Exchange 2007 With Exchange 2003

    When carrying out my transition with intention to remove the 2003 Exchange Server, I set the existing send Connectors to a higher cost and created the necessary Send Connectors on the new server. I then amended the firewall rule to poit to the new server for all incoming emails.

    Message routing should be automatic. Have you moved OAB, replicated Public Folder replicas etc?


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      Re: Exchange 2007 With Exchange 2003

      yes all been done


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        Re: Exchange 2007 With Exchange 2003

        i am now get mail from outside but not from inside
        very strange i see that the Routing Group Connector is ok

        were can i check it on EXCH2007?