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AD or Exchange first in migrate

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  • AD or Exchange first in migrate

    Hi all

    Apologies if this is in the wrong subforum, but wasn't sure if it was here or Windows Server forum, its a mixed question...

    I've got an existing Windows 2003 SP2 domain, running Exchange 2003 SP2 also, everything is fully patched to date.

    I want to move to Windows 2008 and Exchange 2007, have the 2 servers for migrating over to, just wanted to know 1 thing(like which is best option)

    Should I
    a) install Exchange 2007 on new member server first, then later upgrade AD to the Win2008 server?

    b) Start with the new Windows 2008 AD upgrade(join new server to existing AD, and move roles, migrate users over, etc) and then install Exchange 2007 on the new server?

    Note, currently I've got 2 existing servers running Windows 2003 server
    Bought 2 new servers running Windows 2008 Server.

    Thanks for any input, basically I want to know which I should do first, AD or Exchange, or does it matter?


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    Re: AD or Exchange first in migrate

    If you are installing Exchange on to a domain controller then the domain will have to be done first. Otherwise it doesn't matter. There is nothing to be gained doing it either way.

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      Re: AD or Exchange first in migrate

      Great, thanks Simon, no not installing on a DC, that clears up what I needed to know, thanks for the help...