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licensing clarification

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  • licensing clarification

    So I'm clear before I go ahead with this:

    I've got a big set of MSDN dvds in our locked cabinet.. among which is an Exchange 2007 x64 DVD, that has a license code printed on the CD.
    As it's part of MSDN, it's for testing purposes only, correct, and if we wanted to use it as a production role server, for the entire organisation, we'd be required to buy a full, valid license, plus however many CALS we require.

    I've also got a set of Volume License Keys, that we get for being Partners.. if I have an Exchange 2007 VLK in here, that would be acceptable for production purposes, correct, and would cover the need for any CALs ?
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    Re: licensing clarification

    You're pretty much on the money. The MSDN content can only be used for testing and development use, not production use. The Partner Program content can be used for production use but you need to read any license certificates you receive as part of the program to make sure you understand the limitations and use regarding any particular product.

    I work for a small (8 employees) company that is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a Service Provider with an SPLA and I use the Partner Program content exclusively in our office. We haven't had to purchase licenses or CAL's in 8 years.


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      Re: licensing clarification

      Also, here are some links to more info regarding some of the Partner Program benefits: