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    I've set up our boardroom as a resource mailbox. We used to have this set up as a public folder. I have a couple of quetions:

    We're using Outlook 2003 as a client.

    Is there anyway to show the mailbox calendar so it's easy for users to see when it's booked? Something similar to the way a public folder shows the calendar view.

    The reason I ask is that today, a user booked a meeting in the calendar. She and the other people to be present at the meeting all accepted but the boardroom didn't show as being busy for about 15 minutes. This caused a little confusion when someone else also tried to book meetings with the boardroom. I can't find a setting that controls the delay in publishing free/busy time anywhere.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Resource Mailboxes

    If you want to change the free/busy publish time then you need to configure an Outlook profile with the resource mailbox as the primary mailbox. You can then change the time in the options.

    As for viewing the calendar - you can grant permissions in Outlook to allow others to see the calendar, and then view it through OWA or by simply choosing File, Open, Other User Folder. Grant the users only reviewer permissions and then they can only open it, not change anything.

    Do be aware though that the full contents of the meeting will be seen, which could include any text and attachments.

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