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  • Load Balancing


    I need to load balance 2 HT/CAS servers. I know that Exchange load balances HT servers in an AD site automatically but what about load balancing incoming mail?

    Could i use Windows Network Load Balancing and then all i'd need to do is change the current rule on the Firewall to say that anything from our external mail handler on port 25, forward to the IP address of the NLB Cluster? Obviously there is more config to be done, i.e., certificates.

    Would this achieve a good level of load balancing and could somebody point out any potential problems with it?


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    Re: Load Balancing

    NLB is fine on CAS/HT servers (with SP1). I've done it twice now with no ill effects.

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      Re: Load Balancing

      Thanks for your reply!

      I suppose i could actually install Exchange on the new server during working hours as there will be no impact on the live servers. Do you agree?

      Also, when the new HT is created, i'd have to:

      a) add the new server as a new source server on the send connector
      b) create a new recieve connector to receive mail from the internet
      c) Install the SSL certificate.

      Once all this is done, Exchange will work fine internally but won't accept incoming mail or give access to OWA until the PIX firewall is updated with the IP of the NLB. Can you confirm this is correct?