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Msg delivery delayed or blocked with 2007SP1 but not with 2003SP2

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  • Msg delivery delayed or blocked with 2007SP1 but not with 2003SP2

    I have Exchange 2003 SP2 running on a 2003 DC. It has worked flawlessly for close to 5 years using a dynamic IP. I bought a new box because about once a week I'm getting blue screens related to hardware. On the new box i'm testing MSE 2007 SP1 on a 2008 DC using the same dynamic IP. The router is still forwarding ports to the 2003 box because I can't take it offline until the 2007 box works. To test I am using OWA with the administrators account. From a client I log into OWA and most domains I email to are returning NDR's or delayed delivery which eventually fails. My only send connector isn't using smarthost. Below are some examples: #554 Access denied from 72.129.57.xx. See for more information ## #550 5.7.1 <[email protected]>... Mail from 72.129.57.xx blocked using Trend Micro RBL+.

    I thought it may have something to do with the spam filter script that comes with 2007 so I uninstalled that but the problem persists. I email to these same addresses from the 2003 box, using same external dynamic IP without issue. Please advise.

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    Follow up...

    After doing more research online I think I 've left out pertinent info. The new 2008 server box is a different domain name than the 2003 box. We have multiple domain names and the one on the 2003 box really isn't significant any longer although it's configured to accept mail for many other domains. Could a certificate be the issue? I remember having to create one for the old server but the reasoning/problem escapes me as it was quite some time ago. Thanks for any assistance...


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      Re: Msg delivery delayed or blocked with 2007SP1 but not with 2003SP2

      The fact that you are on a dynamic IP will mean that more email than not should be failing.
      Are you sure that there is no smart host configured on the original system? That is the only way that you would get email delivered on a dynamic IP address.

      Whatever - if you are on a dynamic IP address a smart host is pretty much mandatory. It should be set on a Send Connector in Exchange 2007.
      Don't try and fight it - you cannot win. Either get a static IP address or use a smart host.

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