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Can't send via OWA

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  • Can't send via OWA


    using exchange 2007 sp1 Rollup-8 on windows 2008 server installed

    i cant get email in Hotmail domain only when im using OWA
    yahoo, gmail and other are all working good

    checking the logs the message leaving server Queue but did not display in my Hotmail account (i checked inbox,junk etc..folder)

    also when i setup an POP3,IMAP,Exchange account on the server The message was successfully send to and display in my Hotmail account

    i am pulling my hair... please advanced advice


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    Re: Can't send via OWA

    Just to make sure, you are saying that when you are using OWA the emails you send to Hotmail addresses don't arrive however you can send to the same address using other methods (POP3, IMAP and I guess Outlook?) and it does arrive.

    If you can see it leave using message tracking then you need to look at either some AV/AS that sit in between or at Hotmail itself.

    Do you send through your ISP or directly out?

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      Re: Can't send via OWA

      Thanks for the response Andy

      You Right, using OWA sending mail to Hotmail email address is Not working,

      while using POP, IMAP, Outlook... to the same Hotmail email address IS Working

      There is No AV/AS that is sitting in between from my side,
      only the Exchange 2007 AntiSpam

      i'm not using smarthost, Just sending out directly

      any other advice?


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        Re: Can't send via OWA

        just an update of my problem
        When i used Internet Explorer 7 on Win-XP and Internet explorer 8 on vista for testing
        sending the Test email using Exchnage 2007 OWA to Hotmail account, i couldn't received my test email in my Hotmail Inbox account
        Using the same computers with FireFox 3 for sending Test Email using Exchange 2007 OWA to Hotmail All seems to be working, now i can receive my test email in my Hotmail Inbox account
        from my point of view
        There must be something with Internet explorer compatibility With Exchange 2007 OWA
        i still cant find what cause it..


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          Re: Can't send via OWA

          I am not able to reproduce issue in my environment...

          Whats the exchange version and Rollup?

          What's the behaviour with IE6??????
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            Re: Can't send via OWA

            problem solved:

            i was Re-Crating the user/Sender Mailbox on my exchange server

            Thanks for all your response