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External Relay setup

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  • External Relay setup

    Hi All.

    I've got a client that would like to use my exchange server as a mail queue for their systems. I need to be able to accept anonymous emails for their mail system and forward it to their mail server or queue it as appropriate if their server is down. I don't want to accept emails for any other domain except my own and rela theirs.

    Can anyone point me at what I need to do, so far I've configured their email system as an accepted domain as an external relay, I've configured a send connector for their domain to forward using a smart host, and my internet receive connector is set to receive anonymous, what have I missed? At the moment I'm getting 550 5.7.1 messages when I telnet to the server to try to figure it out.

    I've had this working once before, but can't remember how i did it.

    Your Humble Servant

    Swiss Jon

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    Re: External Relay setup

    This is going to be nothing but a spam trap as you cannot do recipient validation. You would have been better off with an appliance that can do recipient validation to act as the intermediate host.

    What does the SMTP message state - error codes on their own are not enough.
    After setting up the server, did you restart the Exchange Transport service?

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