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New Exchange 2007 Deployment

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  • New Exchange 2007 Deployment

    I have a single domain setup with 2 sites (HQ/BO). At each site, we have a Server 2003 Std DC and ISA Server 2006 which maintains the a site-to-site VPN connection.
    We have no current Exchange server, and receive email via POP3 via our ISP. All clients have been upgraded to Outlook 2007.

    I am planning on deploying Exchange 2007 directly into the organization using Server 2008. This deployment seems fairly straight-forward, but I have some questions regarding the proper steps to get things in place and transferring MX records, etc...What is the best way to deploy the new Exchange server and ensure all mail flow continues without interruption? - in other words, in what order should I perform the steps to bring the new Exchange system online and then make the switch? Are there any pitfalls in using Server 2008 VS 2003? What are your opinions of Server 2008 running Exchange 2007 so far?

    I would also like to do this initial setup without an Edge Transport server, as I plan to upgrade the existing ISA Servers to 64-bit TMG servers once this is released, and implement edge transport at that time. I am well-versed in ISA Server, publishing, etc...but I think I am a little confused with the MX record side of things, and actually making the switch...

    Thank you in advance for your help!
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    Re: New Exchange 2007 Deployment

    How many users will have mailboxes on the Exchange Server? Do you have an SLA to achieve with regards to restoring mailboxes/servers etc? Do you need to allow mailbox access to be maintained in the event of a server or disk volume failure? I take it people from both sites will want to access their emails on the Exchange Server? You could use Outlook Anywhere for the satellite site. if oyu you don't have as many users there or even OWA.


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      Re: New Exchange 2007 Deployment

      This is also worth reviewing. It is just the opinion of somebody else but shows how they recently restored an Exchange 2007 Install + Windows 2008 Server.


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        Re: New Exchange 2007 Deployment

        Thank you for the quick response!

        This is a small company of just under 50 users. No SLA, but decent disaster recovery plans in place...All users will access Exchange located at the HQ office. I don't think that having 2 sites should affect access to Exchange ( I seem to remember reading of similar setups) but please - correct me if I'm wrong!

        Ultimately, I want to eliminate POP email and use RPC/HTTP(s) or Outlook Anywhere for accessing mail. I am also planning on deploying BB Enterprise Server (BES) for my mobile users at the same time, if that helps...

        Thanks again for your help!