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Is it possible to have a common contacts list?

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  • Is it possible to have a common contacts list?

    I am trying to set up a small mail system (possibly with hosted exchange) and one of the requirements is the ability to have a common contacts list in Outlook.
    There are 4 users, and they want their ONLY contacts list to be shared between all users, and ideally synced to their blackberries via BES

    Is this something that is possible in exchange? I've gone through the public folder option, but that is still too separate from what I've seen.

    They have approximately 7000 contacts, and I've tried a number of different third party apps but everything seems to choke on the huge volume.

    any help is much appreciated!!

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    Re: Is it possible to have a common contacts list?

    For that number of contacts public folders is your only option. I wouldn't put them in the GAL.
    Then use add2exchange from diditbetter to get the items in a place to sync with the mobile devices.

    Although, I think Blackberry is going to struggle with 7000 contacts on it. It isn't designed to carry the entire contact database of a company. They need to invest in a real CRM, that possibly has an over the air lookup system for the contacts. There is no way they need real time access to all 7000 contacts.

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