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Allow HR to manage GAL info

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  • Allow HR to manage GAL info

    Hi All,

    I've been trying to find a way to allow the HR Manager (or other designated person) to be able to go into the GAL and update all user information. Being a small shop I'm the only IT person here and have better things to do than update each user's info. I will create/delete users as needed but I only put in the basic info to get them up and running. I don't even get everything when we need to add a user anyway.

    I was wondering if there is a tool out there that I can give to this manager (or whomever) and set permissions in AD to allow them to manage user information such as manager, address, phone, etc. It would be really nice if they could just do it through Outlook but I'm not finding any sign of that being possible. I don't really want to install the EMC on their system and try to teach them how to use it. Especially since I've just recently been learning how to use it myself. (I came from a Lotus Domino environment)

    We are running Exch 2007 on Win 2003 srvr AD

    Any/All suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Allow HR to manage GAL info

    Give them the standard Active Directory Users and Computers and delegate responsibility
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      Re: Allow HR to manage GAL info

      I thought about doing that but I'd still have to: 1 - teach them how to use it & 2 - clean up the mess that is two domains. That would be just so they could find all the users in nice clean groupings.

      When I was with HP we had a really nice web interface tool that would allow us (a manager) to input the user info, hit the send button, and after a couple of approvals it was done. I'm not looking for something that nice because we are a small company but I'd like to find something easy for an admin person to run with minimal training.


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        Re: Allow HR to manage GAL info

        The only thing I can think of is something like rDirectory from Namescape.

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