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Routing mail off of Exchange 2007

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  • Routing mail off of Exchange 2007

    We have an Exchange 2007 environment and are deploying a LSoft ListServ solution. Previously we had 22 e-mails systems with 100s of domains. We have reduced that to one e-mail domain and are trying to keep it that way. By default the ListServ software is setup with its own domain. We have figured out how to configure the ListServ to use the same e-mail address domain as our Exchange 2007 environment but now need to find a way to route to the ListServ server when the sender is within our Exchange 2007 system. Need either a transport rule or something that says all e-mails going to *[email protected] need to go to a different server. E-mail originating outside of our Exchange environment can be routed to our ListServ via our SmartHost.

    Any ideas?