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Multi Domain, Single forest exch2k7 Implimentation

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  • Multi Domain, Single forest exch2k7 Implimentation

    We have a server cluster managed by one global administrative group and we want to give permissions to lower level administrators to delegate full mailbox rights WITHOUT giving them server administrator rights through Exchange.

    But it seems to run this command:

    add-mailboxpermission "Joe Contoso" -accessRights FullAccess -user contoso\fabrikam

    You have to either be an Exchange Organization Administrator or a Server Administrator on the server that hosts the mailbox. Is there a lower-level permission we can give the administrators?


    We have a single Forest, with multiple Domains (for different internal Organizations)
    Exchange servers are not in the root Domain.
    Exchange servers are in Domain 1.
    majority of users are in Domain 2.
    Users we want to delegate rights to are in Domain 3 (without granting Server Administrator as Domain 3 users is a small domain and do not want to allow them to manage other non Domain 3 users on the Exchange 2k7 Mailbox Server.

    Any assistance is appreciated