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Publishing OWA issues (Double form prompt)

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  • Publishing OWA issues (Double form prompt)

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot but I couldn't find an ISA forum
    I have an ISA 2006 that is publishing OWA but I am being prompted twice for authentication.
    I am getting the OWA forms login (Secured by Microsoft ISA Server) enter in credentials and then get another forms login (the Standard E2k7 one)
    If I hit the Exchange server directly I am fine, only one forms logon.
    I went through the ISA wizard to publish it. I have checked the paths.
    I have a listner set up with SSO turned on. Login on OWA in Exchange is set to user name only. I have changed both these settings in ISA and Exchange with no luck.
    Authentication delegation for the rule, I have tried all of them
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Publishing OWA issues

    This is resolved now, Exchnage had been set to forms authentication and that accounted for the double forms


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      Re: Publishing OWA issues

      I didn't even realise it would/could do that!
      Thanks for posting back your findings. Much appreciated.
      I've changed the title to help future searches

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