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Remove 2nd Exch07 Server Properly?

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  • Remove 2nd Exch07 Server Properly?

    We are up and running on Exchange 2007 sp1 after transitioning from an '03 environment. We currently have 2 exchange 07 servers - all the mailboxes and connectors are on Server01 - we just installed Ex07 on another machine for testing and are now done with it. We've found a large number of articles on the proper way to _completely_ remove Exch07 from the environment, but do not want that.
    I'm worried that removing the mailbox role will break my public folders and we have a ton of Outlook 2003 clients who store their free/busy info there by default - will breaking public folder replication kill the free/busy info?

    My question:
    We have two Exchange 2007 servers (and that's it), how do I properly remove just one of them, ensuring that free/busy doesn't break?


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    Re: Remove 2nd Exch07 Server Properly?

    Do you have the public folders on the other server? With the content replicated?
    If you do then you can just use add/remove programs to remove Exchange. If it cannot be removed for some reason then the setup GUI will tell you and you can then fix the problem.

    For example you will need to remove the replicas from the server that is being removed, so that the only one listed is the new server.

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