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WebDav, Exchange 2007, and OWA

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  • WebDav, Exchange 2007, and OWA

    I did some digging around in the forums, but didn't really find any information on my current issue.

    We're using an outside service that allows the automatic creation of calendar appointment that correspond to travel arrangements made through our travel agency. The service uses WebDav via OWA to do this. We upgraded from Exchange 03 to Exchange 07 in January, and have had problems ever since.

    System Setup, as it stands now: 2 servers: 1 Hub/Mailboxes/CAS (HMC) server, and 1 CAS server. We attempted getting it working on the HMC server, but couldn't even get the initial WebDav load to work right. At that point, I finished rebuilding our old Exchange server, loaded Win08/Exchange07 on it, and set it up as a dedicated CAS server.

    At this point, when I try and login to the WebDav portion of the site, through the \exchange subdir, I get a blank screen when I do http:\\servername\exchange\[email protected]\inbox. I get the same when I do \calendar instead. If I go to the standard OWA site, I can log in without an issue.

    As of right now, when the service tests against this server, they get a password timeout. I've got Basic authentication turned on, but have turned off integrated authentication for the \exchange subdir. Also, it appears that the \Exchange folder has disappeared from the HMC server, once I brought the CAS server online.

    Both servers are Windows 2008 Standard (Full UI Load) and Exchange 2007 SP1. Currently, I am running the two CAS in parrallel and will unload the CAS feature from the HMC server once I can get everything working properly on this other CAS unit. I wouldn't think that running the two in parrallel would matter, but I could be mistaken.

    Any help would be appreciated. Technet and Google haven't been a load of help with this, unfortunately.