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  • Exchange 2007 Domain Mailboxes

    OK, First, this may sound like a newbie question, but I'll ask it anyway.

    I have a customer that I have setup in a rack COLO,

    2 A/D's, 1 Exchange 2007 Server, 1 W2K3 FileServer, 1 VMWare File Server hosting a a few Domino VM's, and other assorted hardware, F/W, and Antispam SMTP gateway (Ubuntu running a Postfix/Amavis/Postgrey,Clamav,Spamassassin) and all this is working properly.

    Their primary Domain/Forest is running native, not mixed, primary domain all setup, GPO's, mailboxes, etc yada yada, yada, so I have a pretty good grasp on how to make all this junk co-exist nicely, but here's the problem.

    The customer has another separate FQDN'd domain he wants to receive mail for in a separate mailbox for him and several of his consultants, e.g. sorta like a separate company.

    I have gone through the article in TechNet, , which is also posted as a solution here at the Petri forums, but this only adds an Authorized Domain to be rec'd in, and mail aliased to an already established mailbox connected to the original OU and user's mailbox, to add as a mail alias to their existing account and receive in mail from that other domain into that mailbox, and that is really not what the customer wants.

    It would appear to me and my experience, I would need to create/ build another DC, at least one PDC, to create this domain, add this domain to the existing forest/OU, then within Exchange, create this new mailbox for this user of this domain, and everything would be good to go.

    Am I totally missing something here? Can Exchange host multiple mail domains with user's accessing mailboxes with a DC or OU associated to that mailbox user? And how would I go about doing that if that is possible. Seems I have searched a ton of forums, and message threads and have not stumbled across this capability without a DC to control/authenticate this mailbox/user.

    In my mail world of Linux, I know how to host multiple mail domains on a mail server and have Outlook.Tbird, Opera, Web clients connect and manage their email.

    So I am coming to the Petri gurus to see if I am missing something. I apologize for the long oration, but better to have all the facts to ask a question, than to just post, 'I have an error', LOL!


    Paul Bounds
    Houston, TX

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    Re: Exchange 2007 Domain Mailboxes

    You have mixed up WINDOWS domains and SMTP/EMAIL domains.
    While they are both using the word "Domain" they are two different things.

    Exchange can have as many SMTP domains on it as you like. My home system has 12.
    All those are routed through a single WINDOWS domain.

    However if you want seperate mailboxes, then you need to create seperate accounts and apply the relevant email addresses to that account.

    Therefore the users would have two mailboxes, one for each domain.

    Simon Butler
    Exchange MVP

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