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  • Exchange 2007 WebDAV / OWAVirtual

    I have 2 CAS hosts, and a 2-Node CCR Cluster. WebDAV is enabled on the CCR Cluster, but not on CAS. In addition, one of the CAS machines (will call "CAS+") also has a Mailbox function, though obviously not part of the CCR redundancy.

    In the Exchange Management Console, the CAS host lists all OWAVirtualDirectories as present: owa, exchange, exchweb, and public. The CAS+ host only shows owa; it acts like exchange, exchweb, and public are not there. Yet if I drop into the EMS and run Get-OWAVirtualDirectory, all 4 are listed.

    Problem #1: Why does EMC not see / display them?

    I have removed "public" and manually re-created to see if that would change anything, but it did not.

    Now it gets interesting... The reason I even noticed this, and why I'm playing with WebDAV, is because we are trying to support Entourage users. If a user (housed on CCR cluster) logs into CAS, the WebDAV proxy works and the cluster mailbox is accessible. If they do the same on CAS+, they cannot connect.

    Problem #2: Why does one CAS successfully proxy the WebDAV to the cluster but not the other?

    I then put a test mailbox directly on CAS+. WebDAV to CAS+ works. But indirectly thru CAS does not. Even though this same host is working indirectly with the cluster. ?!?

    Problem: #3: How can I get both CAS to behave the same?

    My head is spinning by these seeming contradictions. I'd settle for nothing working right if at least each CAS was acting consistently. Any help appreciated!