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  • Managed Folder Policies question


    I've been asked to look at using policies on managed folders for 'governance' reasons and I just to confirm how I think it works before I do anything with this.

    As I understand it, I need to set a policy on a managed folder using the 'New Managed Content Settings' wizard to, for example, delete all items from 'Deleted Items' 30 days after they enter this folder. I then need to created a 'Managed folder Mailbox' policy and add this folder into it, I then need to edit a user account to apply this new policy to it. Is this correct or am I misreading the documents?

    Second question off this then comes, is it possible to have two different Managed Content Settings on a folder, for example for some users I may want to delete all email older than 6 months and other users delete all email after one year. From what I've tried I can't see a way of doing this, is it possible or a non-starter?

    Third questions is then what is the difference between a managed Default Folder and a managed Custom Folder? I may wish to create a folder called 'Finance' say and journal all email into this folder to another mailbox for archiving or whatever whim the management may come up with, but I don't see what the difference between the two folder types is.

    Hope this all makes sense, I've not seen it on any other posts on here so excuse me if my search skills are rubbish.


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    Re: Managed Folder Policies question

    You did good on setting the policy and applying it to a user, but you also need to set a schedule on Managed Folder Assistant to perform the operations on mailboxes.

    Your second question - you can't apply two or more policies to one mailbox, but what you can do is to create a scheduled ps1 script to assign one Managed folder content policy at for example 5:55PM to the users, and at 6:00PM you set first schedule on Managed folder assistant. Then, at 8:00PM you fire off another ps1 script that assigns another policy to the same users, and set Managed folder assistant to fire off at 8:10PM.

    Third, Custom folder is folder that you've created for users in their mailboxes so you could for example move some kind of messages from regular mailbox folders into it and apply some policy only on that content.