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Publishing Outlook Anywhere externally (WAS: Exchabge Help)

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  • Publishing Outlook Anywhere externally (WAS: Exchabge Help)

    I have got Exchange to work internally in my company (we can send messages from one computer to another on our network) and we can access outlook anywhere whilst connected at work in our office


    i would like to access the outlook anywhere on an exernal site Ie and aswell i would like to know how to send messages from my company to an external mailing acounts such as hotmail,gmail or yahoo.

    Any help greatfull,
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    Re: Exchabge Help

    To enable outlook anywhere, you have to enable outlook anywhere on your Client access server. Make sure that your server can be reached over the SSL port from the internet (Advisable to place your CAS server behind a ISA server).
    Configure a valid DNS name, and create (or buy) a matching SSL certificate.

    Sending mail to the insternet is normally enabled by default, meaning that Exchange 2007 creates a send connector on the hub transport server. you have to make sure that the server can resolve DNS records from the internet and make sure that it can send messages to the internet over port 25 (SMTP).

    For recieving mail, you need a proper MX record configured on a internet DNS server. This DNS record must point to a smart host or directly to your Exchange server's public IP. Make sure that your Exhange server (Edge/Hub Transport) is able to recieve mail from the internet on 25.

    A lot more can be said, but a good book about exchange 2007 will do alot more.
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      Re: Exchange Help

      A lot more can be said, but a good book about exchange 2007 will do alot more
      Whats sort of book would this be ?

      Thanks for the quick reply
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        Re: Exchange Help

        Probably hardback, about 11"x7" and lots of pages

        Seriously, a lot depends on your level of IT skills and experience but I personally like the Microsoft Press "Self Paced Training" series as it takes you through a lot of ground. You would be best to look at some options at your local large bookshop (or use Amazon's "look inside" feature) and choose one that appeals to you.
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