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Multiple OWA sites on 1 CAS/organization

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  • Multiple OWA sites on 1 CAS/organization

    I'm trying to set up a hosted environment for different organizations which Im the administrator of.

    While the segregated organization works (Segregated groups cannot see each other or their address lists), they still "share" a common OWA portal (, when instead I want to give them their own webmail domain name (

    I tried several experiments myself, by simply copying the OWA/CAS folder from the default Exchange installation to a new folder, creating a new site in IIS and giving the site a new IP address. Copied the settings from the original OWA site to the copy (SSL, user permissions, authentication), but sadly, its not that easy it seems, as I keep getting internal server errors

    Any advice on what to do to create multiple OWA pages on a single CAS?

    (in before , as that didnt give me any usable results)

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    Re: Multiple OWA sites on 1 CAS/organization

    You don't need multiple OWA pages or sites as there's nothing specific to any one organization in OWA. What you're looking for is multiple URL's pointing to your OWA site so that each organization gets a URL specific and unique to them, such as, mail, You could try using wildcard SSL and wildcard DNS. I've never used it for OWA but I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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      Re: Multiple OWA sites on 1 CAS/organization

      Without logging on the a E2k7 box I would try the following
      1) create a new site in IIS
      2) Assign it a separate IP
      3) In EMS type
      New-OwaVirtualDirectory -name "owa" -OwaVersion Exchange2007 -WebSiteName "Default Web Site"

      replacing "default Web Site" with the site you just created


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        Re: Multiple OWA sites on 1 CAS/organization

        Matt - I found that solution a few hours ago, seemed to have done the trick. Just messing around with the authentication ATM, keeps giving me the old login box while I want the forms-based login instead. Thanks for your response tho!

        Joe - Initially, I just want an unique URL per organization, but in the future I intend to give each org its own custom login page, banners and all. It was my understanding that you need to maintain different copies of each OWA instance. I may be horribly wrong tho, as this project is turning into a nightmare

        Thank you for your response tho


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          Re: Multiple OWA sites on 1 CAS/organization

          Now I understand your objective. Thanks.