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Transport Rules not working?

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  • Transport Rules not working?

    I have a single Exchange environment with some simple Transport Rules to redirect an email containing specific text pattern in the subject line to another user. The rules were working fine for a couple weeks and suddenly they have stopped working? So far I have deleted the rules and recreated them from scratch, restarted the Transport service with no luck. Not sure what else to do?

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    Re: Transport Rules not working?

    Anyone have any ideas here? I cant figure this out for the life of me. Just a simple Transport Rule.

    mail sent to 'user1' with a text pattern of 'test' redirect to 'user2'

    not working....?


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      Re: Transport Rules not working?

      So I did some more investigating and apparently transport rules do not apply to mailboxes that are forwared to another user? As soon as I took the Forward off it started working? Anyway round this?


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        Re: Transport Rules not working?

        Not that I am aware of, because the forward fires first.

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          Re: Transport Rules not working?

          So you want an email sent to user 1 with subject test to be re-directed to user2, and user2s mailbox is forwarded to user3?


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            Re: Transport Rules not working?

            Ended up taking the forward off of user3's mailbox and solely used transport rules to direct email to the correct mailbox. And the fixed the issue...