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Decommission Exchange 2003

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  • Decommission Exchange 2003

    I've completed a transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007.
    Parts of the decommissioning of the Exchange '03 server were completed while I was away (due to having too many cooks in the kitchen and people 'assuming' I was ready).

    Anyhow, I have powered down the Exchange '03 Server and all seems to be working fine with the '07 Server (with the exception of some little quirks due to prior assumptions of others).

    Since everything seems fine, and since I cannot decomission the '03 system the way I'd prefer (run setup via the CD), how much will it affect the Exchange 2007 Environment if I follow the instructions for manually removing Exchange 2003 from a system at the Microsoft site ( ) ?

    When I try to uninstall '03 via the CD I keep having problems when it gets to removing the message and collaboration services, I keep ending up with invalid ADSI pathname errors ( error 0x0005000).