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Public Folder Problem

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  • Public Folder Problem

    I have an issue with the Public Folders.
    We for the most part' successfully transitioned everything over to Exchange 2007 from Exch2003.

    We are a single organization\server. Now, the public folders were unfortunately only partially replicated over to the Exchange 2007 server.

    Problem is, too many cooks in the kitchen, and someone figured I was ready to fully remove Exchange 2003 totally. The 'moveallreplicas.ps1' script was never run. Hence, only some public folders are available. Seems that I can see all of the folders; however, most do not have any content.

    So, my question is - I have a backup of the Exchange 2003 public folder database (*.edb file). Is there a way I can get that file to be used with the Exchange 2007 system? Can I do a disaster recovery install onto a different system (no exchange installed previously on the diff system)? Or do a reinstall on the old system regardless of the hardware issues coming up (everything else was uninstalled from that system except Exchange and Messaging and collaboration services - they couldn't get everything uninstalled thankfully (I think thankfully)). Looking at ESM still on a different system I see the Exch 2007 admin group and the 03 admin group;however, nothing resides inside the 03 admin group.

    Hopefully I've set forth an easy to follow issue,
    Thanks All

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    Re: Public Folder Problem

    Ahhh Nevermind
    I forgot that I had copied the public folders over to my Outlook Profile


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      Re: Public Folder Problem

      Good forward planning that man!

      It could have been possible to restore the folders to a server in a test environment or there are tools to pull the data out (I've used the quest ones successfully).

      Please read this before you post:

      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?