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Best Practice for FSW?

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  • Best Practice for FSW?

    Here’s the situation:

    You’re building a new Exchange 2007 environment, and you want to take advantage of clustering (CCR for the Mailbox role), and Network Load Balancing (for the CAS role).
    You’ve also decided to place 2 HUB servers in your environment, but you’re putting them on the individual nodes of the CAS-NLB cluster in a non-load balanced state. (

    You name the clusters like this:

    Now, you need to put your FSW for each of the Clusters “somewhere”. Microsoft recommends placing them on a HUB server (supposedly to keep it inside the Exchange environment.

    I know from experience that if you put a fileshare on an individual node of a Server 2003 cluster without making it a “resource” of the cluster, you will lose your share settings if/when failover occurs (like during maintenance).

    So, what if you added the Filesharing feature to each cluster?

    You could then bring up a FSW on each cluster to support the opposing one. i.e. the FSW for Cluster-MB would exist as a resource on Cluster-CAS and vice/versa. Right?

    But, something tells me that it’s not a “best practice” to enable file sharing on an Exchange server. Is it?